Enchanting City of Damascus

Making a vacation in Damascus is worthy which is known as the second largest and the capital city of Syria. The city is also popularly known as nicknamed as the City of Jasmine. Damascus is one among the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities and it is the main center of religious and culture.

Due to rain shadow effect the city experience a semi arid climate with summers typically hot and dry and winters are mild. More of the holiday makers visit the place to enjoy the authentic medieval feel which is filled with older temples, museums, beautiful Parks, ancient sites and lot more.

Attractions in Damascus

The Umayyad Mosque is well known as one among the Damascus most popular and greatest mosque which is located in old town. It is one of the world’s oldest mosques and an important building for its religious followers, even today it is an active mosque and a major visitor’s attraction.

Attractions in Damascus

Saint Simeon Church is one of the ancient popular monuments which were built in 475 AD. It is the oldest church which is still survived and it is a Byzantine church. The church is also popularly called with other names like Deir Samaan, Qalaat Semaan. It is an excellent monument to visit to see the history of Syria’s and lot more to see even it is no longer active like Simeon’s pillar and many artifacts.

The National Museum of Damascus is a largest museum with huge number of exhibits. The building is split into five different organised wings such as Prehistoric Age, Ancient Syria, Classical Age, Islamic Age and Contemporary. Each and every wing displays various exhibits of different ages and eras of history. Best place to known about the ancient past and have fun going along with family and kids.

Damascus Gates is the main entrance to the old city and the construction of the gates work was begin in 1537 and completed in 1542. It is the popular landmark in the city where majority of the holiday makers’ visit. The main reason for being so popular it is a roman era preserved memory designs which were built in 2nd century AD.

Without visiting the old city, the tour will not be completed as the it is the world’s oldest city quarters with plenty of admirable sites to the ancient era.  It’s an amazing spot not to miss visiting where you come to know the ancient past and the ancient fabulous architectures. Azem Palace, Sayyida Ruqayya Mausoleum, The Spice Market, The Citadel, Omayad Mosque are some of the top most attractions which are not to be missed visiting.


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