Adventurous Road Trippers Driving Spots

Vacations are meant to give relief from the daily stress and they are meant for a break from the real word and spend a time happily along with your loved ones. There are huge varieties of holiday trips for families or couples or alone, if you are in search of amazing and adventures driving spots for road trippers to have a thrilling experience in your life here are some of the best spots.

Adventurous for Road Trippers

Trollstigen in Norway

Trollstigen Norway

Trollstigen is a famous and the most dangerous mountain road in Norway and the road is a narrow road with many sharp bends. It is a famous holiday makers spot due its 11 hair raising and steep incline of 10% and a place where thousands of brave drivers have an adventures ride on the road every year. You can glimpser the impressive Bispen, Dronningen and Kongen mountains and also enjoy the water falls of Stigfossen which is about 320 meters.

North Yungas Road in Bolivia

North Yungas Road in Bolivia

The North Yungas Road is well known as the world’s most dangerous road and it is about 69 kilometers in the region of Bolivia. It is also called as the Grove’s Road, Death Road, Road of fate etc and it is the place where cyclists found it easier in managing the marrow lanes and curves. It is estimated that around 200 to 300 travelers die annually on the road and it’s a famous spot for Mountain biking and downhill biking.

Colorado State Highway 82

Colorado State Highway 82

If you are afraid of heights it’s not a preferred place for riding and the road along Aspen is a famous spot for its highest paved lane which is near the Rocky Mountains above the sea level of about 3,688 meters. The road is completely filled with tight curves, narrow stretches and it’s a place where only one car can fit in and during winter the way will be closed. In order to reach the 384 meters long Royal Gorge Bridge then you have cross the road of Canon City on Highway 82 and Winding mountain roads is also a road way to reach the road of Canon City on Highway 82.

Stelvio Pass in Italy

Stelvio Pass in Italy

The Stelvio Pass is the Italy second largest highest paved mountain pass in Alps which is about 2757 meters. Best place for road trippers and the 60 hairpin turns are the drivers tremble and it’s a place where you can watch all the spectacular Alpine views and there are lot more spots like Stelvio National Park etc.

There are many numbers of adventurous driving places if you’re in search like Dalton Highway in Alaska, Saddle Road in Hawaii, California State Route 1, Guoliang Tunnel Road in China and many more.


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